Parkview – a Restaurant Review


Parkview, a Western casual dining restaurant located in the center of the Ma On Shan Sunshine Plaza, provides a difference in cuisine than the usual ethnic foods offered by neighboring restaurants.
Walking into the restaurant, one can immediately feel the contrast of atmospheres between the interior and the exterior. Parkview’s exterior was sprinkled with decoration that was very much nature themed – the floor was made of wooden planks! However, a dark and eerie aura can be observed inside the restaurant; perhaps, it was the soft, dark lighting, or perhaps, it may be the dark, non-reflective concrete floor that paved the restaurant.
After being seated, we took a look at the menu; the restaurant served afternoon-tea at the time. Pictures of the food were provided, giving the customer more information about the products. We settled on 3 items: french fries with mozzarella cheese and bacon ($68 HKD), an all day breakfast ($68 HKD), and french toast with green tea ice cream ($64 HKD) – all of which were meals with drinks included.
We waved the waiter over, ordered our meals, and had a little conversation with another waitress about the restaurants logistics (when it opens, when it is available for booking, and when dinner was served, et cetera.) Overall, service was quite satisfactory, as the waiting team met our needs. However, a piece of bread that came with the breakfast was not provided with butter; we had to remind the waiter to bring a knob of butter.
I had the chance to taste two of the three meals – the french fries and the french toast. The first meal was the french fries with mozzarella cheese and bacon with lemon tea. The fries were surprisingly hot, crunchy, and well-seasoned. The combination of the melted cheese and crispy bacon on the golden fries were very well-balanced; the cheese was just the right texture – not so chewy, and not so runny, and the bacon was large enough to chew, but small enough to eat in one bite. The second item, the french toast, was well made. The soft and warm toast contrasted the sweet and milky green tea ice-cream. Furthermore, the fruits on the sides with the ice-cream worked very well together; the mild sourness of the apricot, peach, and various other fruits highlighted the immense, yet well balanced sweetness of the ice-cream. The last item, the iced lemon tea, was quite alright. The sourness of the lemon did not overpower the aftertaste of the tea, which enhanced my experience with the food.
If you want to come to Parkview, you have to keep a few things in mind. First, they only take reservations before rush hours (around 19:30) on Fridays and weekends. This means you will have to wait just like everyone else during rush hours. Next, their opening time is from 11:00 am to 22:30 pm – last order is at 22:00. Third, their tea-time is only until 17:30 – after that, only dinner will be served.