Quick Write – January 4


what would you like to accomplish, or how would you like to grow in 2017? maybe it’s your New Year’s Resolution, or maybe it’s just something you’ve been thinking about. What is something that you would be proud to look back on at the end of the year?


I would like to potentially record/publish an album by myself. I have been thinking about this since the end of last year, and have been looking at ways to accomplish/achieve this particular goal. Also, I would like to try and explore more career paths that potentially interest me.

If I were to record, mix, publish, and perfect a music album by myself, this would be a very big achievement for me, as I would need to learn lots of skills (such as mixing, producing, technical stuff about mics, recording software and hardware, codecs etc.) that would otherwise hinder me from achieving my goal. Also, this would be a great opportunity for me to express my ideas about the world in general, and to provide a platform for me to voice out my opinions.