What makes me come alive? (August 12, in class)

We all listen to music, no matter if it is rock, metal, opera, or even rap. Music varies greatly between genres in terms of instruments and styles – but one thing common between all music is that music is a piece of art. It takes talent, dedication, and skill whether you are the one composing the music or performing the music.

When it comes to listening to music, I quite enjoy alternative rock tad-porerfieldmusic – and one band that I like in that genre are Muse. They are a 3-piece rock band formed in England, and their lyrics include but not restrained to love, hate, mind control, and many other lyrical subjects that mainstream bands would not dare writing about. This is why I love this band, and also writing about music in general – oppose the government in one song, and writing about personal relationships in another song, and a dub-step song out of nowhere.

Creating music – we all know how deep in our hearts, but we never dare step out of our comfort zone to create, perform, record, and share that song with another one else. I greatly respect people who create music, as they require a lot of courage to take and understand criticism.