Descriptive Essay (Sept. 19 Version)

It was a quiet, mild, and peaceful afternoon, and with enough concentration, you can hear the birds chirp, feel the wind on your skin, and just about taste spring in the air. However, these conditions weren’t the only factors that made me excited for what came in the future. Like a caterpillar waiting impatiently to transform into a beautiful butterfly, I, along with my friend, bounced up and down irritably as I waited for the concert to start. We were like peas in a pod when it came to our friendship, and I am not going to let my friend miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the best night of his life.

Walking into the waiting hall, I immediately noticed that there were seas of people, all ­waiting to be let in to the concert hall like sheep being herded into the feeding area. Our position in line was quite far back, so with nothing else to do but wait, we looked around like tourists in an unfamiliar area. The dark, mysterious void of the waiting hall was filled with bright lights of vibrant colors, as there were wands, pom-poms, and flags help by people wearing colored and vivacious shirts.

Finally, after waiting for an eternity, our time has come. We are finally being hatched into a beautiful butterfly as we were led into the concert hall, and with thousands of people in front and following us, we bounced and struggled our way into the hall – the black, shadowy, and enigmatic hall, with dim, round lights above our heads, like tiny stars and galaxies. I was a deer looking towards the headlights of a fast-moving car when I saw the three– the three that made up Muse. The three that were so close, yet so far. We screamed, cheered, and jumped as they pounded on drums, plucked on guitars, and sang their voices out – definitely no one will leave the hall without ringing ears and sore voices.

As they finished their last song, we had no choice but to leave; like a child going away from their parents into the world, we had to leave what we loved behind, and walk the lonely road. Dazed like children completing their first roller-coaster ride, we skittered like ants fighting for bread crumbs as we fought our way against 9000 other people towards the exit, and had to walk away from this glorious madness of music, away from this amazing experience, and away from the three that made up Muse.