College Essay (Final Version)


Topic: Who is your hero?

Growing up, I had recognized many celebrities as my ‘hero’. Michael Jackson, the ‘King of Pop’, Karen Carpenter from an 80’s musical duo ‘The Carpenters’, Chris Marflickr_-_moses_namkung_-_muse-2tin from the post-britpop rock band ‘Coldplay’, and many other influential and inspirational individuals who inspired me to take interest in music, both instrumentally and creatively. However, one of the more prominent figures that I look up to is Matthew Bellamy, the lead singer and guitarist of a 3-piece British rock band, Muse. He inspired me through his music, lyrics, and styles religiously, intrapersonally, and musically.

Although Muse’s lyrics are not specifically religiously-oriented, they have been producing songs that deal with some aspects of theism. ‘Megalomania’, a slow, keyboard-oriented song from their 2nd album, ‘Origin of Symmetry’, talks about the topic of ‘paradise’, and one’s purpose. “… paradise comes at a price that I am not prepared to pay, what are we built for, could someone tell me please…” ‘Thoughts of a Dying Atheist’, from their album ‘Absolution’ in 2009, deals with one’s thoughts after death – “ I know the moment’s near, and there’s nothing we can do, look through a faithless eye, are you afraid to die? It scares the hell out of mtumblr_m76rj9akjk1rakga5o1_1280e, and the end is all I can see…” I have been prompted to deep thought and question religiously after examining it’s lyrics for the first time; what really happens after death? Should I be afraid? Where am I headed to?

While we all deal with racism, sexism, and different kinds of inequalities everyday, not many of us realize that these problems not only affect the currently suffering victims, but all of us in the long run. ‘Map of the Problematique’, from their fourth album titled ‘Black Holes and Revelations’, questions the public’s inability to see that “…when we bleed, we bleed the same?” These phrases provoked me to think and relate to current events – gay marriage, school shootings (black lives matter) etc. – who is affected by all of these inequalities? Gays, blacks, or all of humankind on earth in the end?

Apart from thoughts and religions, I have also been heavily influenced musically by Muse’s experimentation in sounds and instrumentation. Ranging from hard rock to electronica, from progressive rock to space rock, Muse have been changing and reinventing their sounds from one album to another. They even used human bones as a percussion instrument! Their variety in sounds influenced me to explore and play other instruments, such as electric guitar and the bass guitar. Using these instruments, not only can I recreate their songs in some audio platform, I can even create, compose, and record my own original music.

Not only did Bellamy inspire me to make and create music, he even motivated me to produce my own thoughts about current topics in society and religion.



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