Unit Reflection Semester 2

  1. Include the link to your blog here: https://ellyswritinghell.wordpress.com/


  1. Which of your pieces most helped you identify or explore and develop your God-given abilities?

I believe the quick write from Jan 4 was the piece which helped me identify and develop my God given abilities. I learnt more about what I want to become in the future, and developed ideas of what viable career paths there is.


  1. Which of your pieces best demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively? Give three reasons and explain.

Research Paper, Iambic, and Restaurant Review

a. I believe these pieces challenged myself creatively, as I had to use many descriptive words and colorful language

b. for the Iambic poem, I had to fit my descriptive language into a set amount of syllables and a rigid form – this really led me to think and ponder about what I had to write and how I was going to convey my message in such a way that it moves the reader.

c. The Research paper gave me a chance to creatively express my opinions about music in a way that it can create a sense of change in the reader

  1. Which piece either demonstrates striving for excellence, or discusses striving for excellence and its importance in another area besides writing?

The quick write from Jan 4 demonstrated the ability to strive for excellence. I had to discuss how I was going to strive for excellence. For example, I discussed the fact that I needed to learn many other skills such as mixing,m producing, and other technical stuffs in order for me to record, mix, publish, and perfect a music album by myself.


  1. Which of your pieces explores why it is important to act as a responsible member of the global community?

I believe the Iambic poem, which talks about a person falling to drugs and alcohol, clearly shows why one should not do such things – this reminds the reader to act as a responsible member of the global community. Just because you want to be of importance for once, you should not do anything that harms you, others, or the environment.

  1. How did this course help you to know, understand, and apply biblical principles? Explain, giving specific examples.

This course helped me to understand and apply biblical principles by giving me the task of exploring important subjects about myself and others. I had to pleasure of writing about love – one of the most important ideas that humans have encountered. By exploring this topic, I further understood how to love our neighbors as ourselves, which is a biblical principle in itself.

  1. How did this course help you to think independently, creatively, and analytically?

I learned to write more creatively throughout the year, and also learned how to accurately describe and portray my thoughts using words and sentences. I learned to have a view point of my own of different matters, such as love, discrimination, and growth. I also experienced writing a research paper which challenged my ability to think analytically.


Peer Feedback Comments


  1. Classmate: Isaac Lall Writing Piece: Rebellion Poem

Comments: The contrasts between what your parent tells you and what you actually adds a layer of rebellion and defiance in your poem! Your poem rhymes as well, and that adds a ‘crispy-ness’ feeling to your poem as well. One thing I would change is to try and avoid using ‘but’ as a sentence opener. Good job Isaac!



  1. Classmate: Daniel Wong Writing Piece: Restaurant Review

Comments: Your blunt words and descriptions are easy to understand and to the point. You were brutally honest about your restaurant review, and I believe that is a good thing! No one wants to eat in a restaurant with crappy food and bad service. Your conclusion was basically a ‘tl;dr’ to your entire review – I easily understood your stance on this restaurant. Great work!



  1. Classmate: Hillson Lai Writing Piece: Sonnet


Your depictions of a youngster striving to impress his/her
parents are quite inspiring. Your rhetorical question
resonates with me, as I was discouraged and did not enjoy
music when I was forced to practice and play the instrument.
Overall, I think your sonnet is a great piece of work thats
shows you creative and analyzation talents and skills!



  1. Classmate: JT Writing Piece: Kite Runner Essay 1

Comments: Your personal experience greatly enhanced your reflection as it created a layer of importance and reflection. Great poem, JT!



  1. Classmate: Manny Writing Piece: Research Paper

Comments: Your paper cited many different sources, making your research more credible and easy to understand. Your summary for each point that you made was well constructed. I was able to tell what your viewpoint and stance on the topic easily. The conclusion was also well written – it leaves behind something for the reader to think about. Great work!