Much Ado about The Merchant of Venice draft

Elliott Wan


Theme: love


Merchant of Venice

  1. Shylock’s love of money overshadowed his love for his daughter
    1. Love for money caused Shylock to undervalue his daughter – did not realize the eventual outcome of this event
  2. The love for respect overcame Bassanio’s commitment to his wife (ring)
    1. Bassanio respected the lawyer which helped him win the case very much, which led him to give away his precious ring (which Portia warned him to never give it away or lose it). This desire led him to act very impulsively
  3. Forgiveness in love was observed when Bassanio’s wife forgave him when he gave away his ring
    1. Bassanio was told never ever to give or lose the ring away – however, after Portia, disguising as a lawyer helped Bassanio win the case, Bassanio was pressured to give the ring to the lawyer, which undoubtedly made Portia trust Bassanio less. However, she forgives the actions of Bassanio when he comes back from the city


Much Ado about Nothing

  1. Claudio was obsessed with Hero – however, when Claudio thought Hero was cheating on him, he was immediately filled with hatred
  2. Love is almost always second to some other value in the play (money, fame, status etc.)
  3. Leonato shows a different view of love – as a proud father to his daughter. He is keen on her marriage and wants the best for her



Shakespeare portrays love in many ways in his plays, including family love, and marital love; love’s effect on characters’ speech and actions are also observed in Much Ado About Nothing and Merchant of Venice.



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