‘After All’ – a Shakespearean Sonnet


As he walks down the road of life and death

The road which many has walked on before,

He turns, and exhausts his one, final breath

The cries and please of his loved ones ignored

While many thought: “all is lost, hope is gone’

I certainly believe that it’s a gift

A gift reminding us there’s still a dawn

A gift reminding us that we exist

For we are helpless humans after all

And we are one breath away from our fall.


One thought on “‘After All’ – a Shakespearean Sonnet

  1. This poem reminds me of Amir’s journey throughout the Kite Runner story. He feels helpless and ashamed of himself, and he stores the guilt inside for years. Then he sees a spark of hope and makes use of it to redeem himself. It also reminds me of the way we humans live. Sometimes we that our actions won’t make a difference and it’s all for nothing, so it’s easy to understand the poem.

    I think your poem was written well and I felt (honestly) inspired by the last half of it.


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